Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lego Games Creationary

The new Lego Creationary game that came out in the UK in 2009 is available now for pre-order in the United States this month. Demand is sky-high, and the board game is on backorder for at least a month already at the official online Lego store. This game is going to be difficult to buy in stores.

Creationary appears to be everything anyone would hope a Lego board game would be. It is primarily Pictionary with Lego bricks. The game includes three decks of cards (giving you 3 levels of difficulty) with an item pictured on each card. Players choose a card and use an assortment of the Legos included to build the object on the card to get their teammates to guess what it is.

The Creationary rules suggest a handful of variations that make the game flexible for any age levels, meaning this game is excellent for families. The simple structure of the game play means you will have the means to adjust the game play for lots of alternatives and amusement for everyone.

Lego Games Creationary

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