Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sold Out Toy Alert - Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber

Sold Out Toys Christmas 2008 Sold Out Toy AlertThe Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber is sold out everywhere online. There were still plenty at my local Toys R Us a few days ago, and you can get them online from third-party sellers on Amazon and on eBay, although you'll probably pay well above the $39.99 list price at either of those sites. As of this writing the cheapest Ultimate Lightsaber on Amazon is about $70 with shipping, and eBay ending prices are ranging around $50 to $70.

The Crayola Glow Station has been sold out on most sites for over a week, and as of this morning Amazon is out of stock too, except for third-party sellers, who have the Glow Station (list price $39.99) in stock for $70 and up. Ebay auctions for the Glow Station are ending around $50 to $60 and should go up as long as the other sites are out of stock.

If you're looking for the Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber or the Crayola Glow Station, you've probably already missed getting a good deal online. Your best bet at this point if these are must-have Christmas gifts this year is to check your local stores and hope you get lucky or buy online quickly before the prices go up any further. There is always the chance that online stores will restock these toys, so you can also keep checking availability at and

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