Friday, September 23, 2011

Lego Heroica Games

The latest series of board games from Lego falls under a brand-new theme. Lego Heroica games tell a story about Heroes fighting to save the land of Heroica from the malicious Monsters who are terrorizing the land.
  • Castle Fortaan has been taken over by the Goblin King. Your hero must make his way past the Goblin Warriors and Guardians to take back the castle.
  • In the Caverns of Nathuz, you'll have to get through the giant bats to reclaim the Sceptre of Summoning from the Golem Lord.
  • Waldurk Forest is invested with spiders and werewolves. Defeat them to reach the Dark Druid that holds the Chalice of Life.
  • Defeat the Goblin General and his army to take back control of Draida Bay, where the monsters control the port and have cut off supply lines to the region.
Visit Lego Heroica sets for all the details, including photos and lists of all the items and microfigures included with the games.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playskool Poppin' Park Ball Toys

Playskool Poppin' Park ball toys for babies and toddlers feature colorful designs and exciting, active play.
  • Elefun elephant ball toy plays fun music while balls fly out the elephant's trunk and into the ears. Adjustable settings for age-appropriate interaction.
  • Pound-N-Pop Carnival unpredictable actions with lights and songs each time baby pounds on the lever.
  • Bounce and Ride riding toy with an inflatable ball and silly sound effects for bouncy fun.
  • Roll-N-Pop Express Train rolls across the floor with balls popping out as baby chases and retrieves the balls.
  • Fill-N-Spill Hippo rolls and bobs as balls fall out. Baby activates play by putting the balls in the hippo's back and giving him a push.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fisher-Price Baby iPhone Case

The Apptivity Case from Fisher-Price turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a baby toy. The colorful Fisher-Price iPhone case has big, chunky handles that are easy to hold, and the phone is locked in the case behind a protective cover, so you can let your drooling baby play without worrying about the phone getting wet. The case also covers the Home button and volume control, preventing accidental dialing and other potential problems.

The Fisher-Price iPhone case has its faults. The phone is locked in, with all the controls obstructed, so it's not practical if you want to hand the phone over to your child for a quick distraction. Also, because all the controls are blocked, kids are stuck with one app until the case is unlocked again. If you want to let your baby or toddler play an app or watch a video without worrying about them breaking something or getting it dirty, however, this is a great product.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity iPhone Case

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot Toy
To infinity... and beyond! It's the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear, a programmable robot toy with all the personality of the beloved Toy Story movie character.

Voiced by Tim Allen, just like in the movies, this Buzz Lightyear action figure speaks more than 100 phrases, with two voice-activated modes. Tell Buzz he's a space ranger, and he'll speak to you as a member of the Universe Protection Unit. Call him a toy, and he switches to his toy personality. Ultimate Buzz moves his eyes, mouth, head, arms, waist and legs, and can even walk, turn, and shoot his laser.

In puppeteer mode, you control the action, as you move and pose Buzz to create your own action sequence. The movements are recorded, so you can then play back your own custom-designed animations. Or, play the interactive target game by using the infrared remote control to have a laser battle with Ultimate Buzz Lightyear. He'll receive your signals and let you know if you've fired a hit or a miss.

  • Over 100 sayings in the original character's voice
  • 7 powerful motors for eyes, mouth, head, arms, waist and leg movement
  • With voice command feature, Buzz responds to the phrases ''Space Ranger,'' ''Fire Laser,'' ''Salute,'' ''Star Command,'' and ''To Infinity and Beyond!''
  • Talks back with synchronized lip movement
  • ''Space Ranger'' and ''Toy'' modes allow Buzz to express 2 different catalogs of phrases. Say ''Space Ranger'' and Ultimate Buzz will report to you as a member of the Universe Protection Unit. Say ''You're a Toy'' twice and Ultimate Buzz will switch to his toy personality!
  • Buzz can really walk! He turns, shoots arm laser, talks to arm communicator, salutes, ''gives you 5'' and more
  • Buzz's head turns and eyes blink
  • 15 command buttons for original voice, actions, sound effects, animation and more!
  • Programmable puppeteer feature records the animated movements and poses you choose for animated feedback
  • Multi-direction motion detection
  • Obstacle avoidance - near and far
  • Autonomous roaming mode
  • Wireless infrared motion control works up to 20 feet
  • With the interactive target game, you can engage in an intergalactic battle with Ultimate Buzz using the infrared remote control. He knows if your shot is a hit or miss
  • Plastic/robotics
  • 16'' H
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries plus 11 AA batteries, not included, for full-function play
  • Ages 8+
  • Imported

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot is available now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lego Games Creationary

The new Lego Creationary game that came out in the UK in 2009 is available now for pre-order in the United States this month. Demand is sky-high, and the board game is on backorder for at least a month already at the official online Lego store. This game is going to be difficult to buy in stores.

Creationary appears to be everything anyone would hope a Lego board game would be. It is primarily Pictionary with Lego bricks. The game includes three decks of cards (giving you 3 levels of difficulty) with an item pictured on each card. Players choose a card and use an assortment of the Legos included to build the object on the card to get their teammates to guess what it is.

The Creationary rules suggest a handful of variations that make the game flexible for any age levels, meaning this game is excellent for families. The simple structure of the game play means you will have the means to adjust the game play for lots of alternatives and amusement for everyone.

Lego Games Creationary

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Transformers Voice Changer Helmets

Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Role Play Helmet from Hasbro
These things are so much fun! The Transformers voice changer role play helmets from the new Transformers 2 movie, Revenge of the Fallen, remix your voice to sound like Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. They also have transforming sound effects and quotes from the movie.

The coolest thing about them is how they look. Both styles of helmets are detailed replicas of the movie characters. And they adjust to fit almost everyone, from kids as young as 5 to adults.

Both Hasbro helmets, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, are under $40. Last year a similar toy, the Star Wars Clone Trooper Helmet, was one of the top toys at Christmas and was hard to find late in the year. So, if you have a big Transformers fan in your family, consider shopping early for this one.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cool Kids Lunch Bags

Cool Kids Lunch BagsHave you ever noticed the lunch bags kids are carrying when you pick up your kids from school? Maybe not, and why would you? They're almost all the same lame character bags: Darth Vader, Lightning McQueen, Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana, etc., etc., etc.

These kids lunch bags, on the other hand, are far from boring. They're unique and colorful, and they feature themes kids love just as much as all those characters - things like pirates, astronauts, fairies, sports, and cars.

Conformity is no fun! Give your kids some more interesting choices: Cool Kids Lunch Bags

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sold Out Toy Alert - Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber

Sold Out Toys Christmas 2008 Sold Out Toy AlertThe Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber is sold out everywhere online. There were still plenty at my local Toys R Us a few days ago, and you can get them online from third-party sellers on Amazon and on eBay, although you'll probably pay well above the $39.99 list price at either of those sites. As of this writing the cheapest Ultimate Lightsaber on Amazon is about $70 with shipping, and eBay ending prices are ranging around $50 to $70.

The Crayola Glow Station has been sold out on most sites for over a week, and as of this morning Amazon is out of stock too, except for third-party sellers, who have the Glow Station (list price $39.99) in stock for $70 and up. Ebay auctions for the Glow Station are ending around $50 to $60 and should go up as long as the other sites are out of stock.

If you're looking for the Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber or the Crayola Glow Station, you've probably already missed getting a good deal online. Your best bet at this point if these are must-have Christmas gifts this year is to check your local stores and hope you get lucky or buy online quickly before the prices go up any further. There is always the chance that online stores will restock these toys, so you can also keep checking availability at and

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Delivery Deadlines - Expedited & Free Shipping Dates for

As Christmas rapidly approaches, you may find yourself needing last minute Christmas delivery of gifts you put off purchasing. Check this list for holiday shipping deadlines for, including expedited delivery services and free shipping opportunities. Amazon has some of the cheapest last-minute Christmas delivery options you'll find (including free and immediate options).

These dates and prices apply to most items sold or fulfilled by and shipped to US street addresses. Earlier deadlines or additional charges apply to items shipped to FPO addresses, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or PO Boxes and to large or heavy items requiring White Glove delivery (TVs, exercise equipment, etc.).

Wednesday, December 17

Free Super Saver Shipping on a huge selection of items in all categories
Gift Cards by Mail

Thursday, December 18

Standard Shipping on most items, price varies by item, $3 and up

Monday, December 22, as late as 3pm PST, depending on item

Two-Day Shipping on most items, price varies by item, $6 and up or free with Amazon Prime

Tuesday, December 23, as late as 3pm PST, depending on item

One-Day Shipping, price varies by item, $10 and up or $3.99 per item with Amazon Prime

Christmas Day, December 25

Amazon Gift Cards and Magazine Subscriptions, free email delivery or printable certificate in minutes

If you have a lot of last-minute shopping to do, or if you need a cheaper way to send packages to people around the US, consider getting an Amazon Prime membership. It costs $79 a year, but there is a one-month free trial going on right now. You get unlimited free two-day shipping and one-day shipping costs only $3.99 per item. There are no purchase minimums or limitations, so if you're running late and facing expedited shipping charges you can save a lot, even if you pay the annual fee. You can ship as many packages as you need to, to any number of locations, as late as December 22 with no shipping charges beyond the Amazon Prime membership fee. Depending on your situation, the $79 annual fee can be a huge bargain.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sold Out Toys Alert - Crayola Glow Station

Sold Out Toys Christmas 2008 Sold Out Toy AlertThe Crayola Glow Station is now sold out at many online stores. Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, eToys, KBtoys, and the official are all currently out of stock.

The Glow Station is still in stock as of this writing at for $28.06 (29% off list price) with free shipping. If the Crayola Glow Station is on your Christmas shopping list, grab it now while it's still available at a good price.

On a related note, a new portable Crayola Glow Station On the Go is available for pre-order on A smaller version of the poster-sized Glow Station, the On the Go Glow Station is $20.98 and will be released on December 15, 2008.