Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kota the Triceratops Toy by Playskool

Playskool's Kota the Triceratops is an animatronic dinosaur that kids can ride on. This toy is beyond cool. At over 2½ feet tall and 3 feet long, Kota the Triceratops is like a dinosaur pet.Playskool Kota the Triceratops Ride-On Animatronic Dinosaur Toy

Kota the Triceratops responds to touch by moving his head, horns, and tail or by chewing the leafy snack that comes with the toy. He makes chewing sounds, purrs when you pet him, and roars back when you roar at him.

Watch this video of a Kota the Triceratops commercial to see the ride-on dinosaur in action.

At a list price of $299, Kota the Triceratops is not cheap, and some stores and online retailers are already out of stock, so some sellers are already raising the price. As of this writing, however, you can still get some great deals.

Buy Kota the Triceratops today at and get 20% off and free shipping (total $239.99 shipped). This is a great deal that is sure to sell out. The shipping savings alone is huge for a big item like this, and buying on Amazon saves you the sales tax you'd pay at most local stores. would charge me over $50 to ship, and was over $120 for shipping!

Buy Kota the Triceratops or learn more about Kota the Triceratops today.

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