Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hasbro U-Dance Game by Tiger Electronics

There's no question that Dance Dance Revolution is a hugely popular dance video game, but it may not be the best dance video game. U-Dance, made by Tiger Electronics for Hasbro, is not as well known as DDR, but in terms of a dance experience in a video game, the U-Dance Game is far superior.
Tiger U-Dance Game by Hasbro
The UDance Game uses Motion Tags that are strapped on your feet, instead of a dance mat like Dance Dance Revolution and other popular dance games, and this makes all the difference. Instead of stomping on sections of a dance mat, U-Dance just lets you dance.

The Motion Tags are reflective sensors that you wear on top of your feet, and the included Motion Tower senses every movement, from steps and slides to crossovers and jumps. Besides the expected dance mode, there is a minigame, a workout mode, three difficulty levels, and multiple dance floor venues.

Endorsed by Grammy-nominated entertainer Chris Brown, U-Dance comes with 12 songs. One drawback of the game is that only five of those songs are performed by the original artists, but the selection is an interesting mix:

12 Songs on the U-Dance Game

  • "Run It!" by Chris Brown
  • "ABC" by the Jackson 5
  • "Don't Stop the Music" by Rihanna
  • "1, 2 Step" by Ciara
  • "Everybody Dance Now" by MVP featuring C + C Music Factory
  • "U Can't Touch This" originally by MC Hammer
  • "I Like to Move It" originally by Reel to Real
  • "Cotton Eye Joe" originally by Rednex
  • "Temperature" originally by Sean Paul
  • "Crazy In Love" originally by BeyoncĂ©
  • "Dance, Dance" originally by Fall Out Boy
  • "Get the Party Started" originally by Pink
If you're looking for the top toys for tweens and teens for Christmas, you probably can't go wrong with a video dance game. And although Dance Dance Revolution is more popular, U-Dance is a more realistic dance experience that gets you off the dance mat and onto the dance floor.

The list price for UDance is $74.99. Currently, the best deal at major retailers for the U-Dance Game is at Amazon, where the game is available for $68.32 with free shipping.

***UPDATE 11/17/08***

This morning Amazon has marked down the price of the U-Dance Game to $54.99, still with free shipping. This offer is only on until midnight PST tonight, but it's 27% off the list price and the lowest price we've seen.

Buy the U-Dance Game at Amazon or learn more about U-Dance and see the commercial featuring Chris Brown.

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