Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clipo Blocks & the Clipo Creativity Table by Playskool

One of the best new toys available for toddlers this year is the Clipo Creativity Table from Playskool. The Clipo Creativity Table is a toddler-sized activity table for building and sorting connecting blocks.Clipo Blocks and the Clipo Creativity Table from Playskool

The Clipo Blocks are peg-style, like the classic Bristle Blocks but with chunkier shapes and sizes for little hands. The brightly colored blocks are covered in pegs, so they fit together simply by pushing them against each other. The Clipo Table set comes with 25 blocks in five colors and shapes. Additional blocks are sold separately and include specialty blocks like faces and a vehicle base.

The Clipo Table comes in the same bright colors as the blocks and includes a few fun extras. A removable motorized gear (powered by two AA batteries) spins on the table for a rotating display of your child's creations or on the floor to send the blocks built on it rolling around. Other features of the activity table are a block shape sorter, two block storage compartments with flip-up lids, and drop slots for putting blocks in the storage bin.

The Clipo Creativity Table with 25 Clipo Blocks has a list price of $34.99 and is available on Amazon for $24.99. Additional block sets range from the Playskool Clipo Basic Blocks Set ($14.99) of 20 blocks in basic shapes to the Playskool Clipo Big Bucket ($19.95) of 50 blocks in basic and specialty shapes including two heads.

Buy the Clipo Creativity Table on or learn more about Clipo Blocks today.

By the way, why is this toy name not spelled Clippo, the way it's pronounced?

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